Embassy Informs

Celebration of the Russian Diplomatic Service Day in the Russian Embassy to the Republic of Iceland, February 10, 2016

On the 10th of February the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Iceland held a reception on the occasion of Diplomat’s Day.  Representatives of the MFA of Iceland, diplomatic corps, journalists and compatriots were among guests.

During the event the Russian Embassy received a valuable gift from Sigurður Helgi Pálmason, famous Icelandic collector – the historic document “flight manifest” that fixed Yuri Gagarin’s, the First Man in Space, Hero of the Soviet Union short stay in Iceland on July 27, 1961 and Yuri Gagarin’s autograph.

Among guests was Ivar Jónsson former journalist who together with two other icelandic journalists interviewed Yuri Gagarin at the Keflavik airport in 1961.