Embassy Informs

On the awarding of prominent Icelandic writer, poet, translator I.Haraldsdóttir with honorary diploma of Rossotrudnichestvo

On May 19, 2016 Russian Ambassador in Iceland A.Vasiliev presented honorary diploma of the Russian Federal Agency for International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) to prominent Icelandic writer, poet, translator Ingibj·rg Haraldsd·ttir for developement of international humanitarian cooperation and promotion of friendship and mutual understanding between Russian and Icelandic people. Among guests were relatives and frients of Mrs. Haraldsdóttir, representatives of the Russian Embassy in Iceland.

Thanks to Ingibjörg translations, Icelanders know Russian fairy tales, plays «Uncle Vanya», «Three Sisters», «The Cherry Orchard» by A.Chekhov, «The Fatal Eggs», «Heart of a Dog», «The Master and Margarita» by M.Bulgakov, «The Brothers Karamazov», «The Idiot», «The Gambler», «Notes from Underground» by F.Dostoevsky and many more.

Students in Russia have an opportunity to study Icelandic language reading Russian classics in Ingibj·rg translations. In March 2016 several Ingibj·rg translations of Russian classics were sent to Nordic school in Moscow. That action was initiated by friend of Ingibjörg Russian and Icelandic artist Alexandra Kjuregej Argunova and Ingibjörg’s sister Rannveyg Haraldsd·ttir, Society of Russian-Icelandic friendship in Moscow «ODRI» and its head Elena Barinova.